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January 10, 2010

where i've been (writing)

abandoned blogs are not all the same, you know. some are like pieces of lovely driftwood; floating into and out of the life of the writer with peaceful ease. others are like an old pair of socks, pushed to the back of the internet dresser by newer concerns, eventually forgotten but still there. then there are the ones that are like an old dirty jacket on the side of the freeway; who knows how they got there, but when you see them, there's a sort of embarrassed pathos surrounding them.
I'd like to hope that if you're reading this, you see that this wasn't so much an abandoned blog as it was simply lying dormant for awhile. in the beginning, when I didn't have much to say here, I felt like I should apologise for this (see two posts ago) but beyond that, I felt rather mute. you see, life took some very unexpected turns and most of my writing energy went into making sense of it.
I still can't tell you what will become of this blog, HadashiWorld, but I don't feel like it's become driftwood yet, and I'm not going to toss it out the window of the speeding car of life. meanwhile, if you'd like to see what I have been writing, you can look over at www.tummymuffin.net. it began as a private sort of communication with my "village," but that village has expanded in ways I didn't expect. I will warn you that its primary topic quickly becomes about two very basic human experiences: loss and grief - but maybe that's what we sometimes need to read about -- and write about -- because we are human. and you need this invitation because although grief is personal, it needs to be worked out in community; however, unless you're invited, it's too uncomfortable to look at. it's like seeing someone's underwear in public.
so here's my (clean) underwear, I suppose; why you haven't heard much here for awhile. I hope to find more to say here in 2010, and have the time and interest to perhaps experiment a bit with what that may be.
wish me luck.

Posted by hadashi at January 10, 2010 10:27 PM


Hey Erika,

I am so sad for the stuff that you are working through. I have a Christmas card for you and can't find your address....send it to the email I used to register here. I miss you and will be praying.

~Alicia D.

Posted by: Alicia DeVore Author Profile Page at January 13, 2010 12:40 PM

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