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June 3, 2008


1918.jpg i didn't realise quite how much i was invested in the presidential race until tonight, when T.T. and i were having a nice boba milk tea and the tv monitor in the coffee shop suddenly started flashing the words "Barack Obama" and "presumptive Democratic nominee" together. i suddenly realised i'd been more or less holding my breath ever since Super Tuesday.
i don't normally wear my politics on my sleeve, or my (woefully-underposted-to) blog, but this election feels like such a crux for the state of affairs not just in America, but for this weary globe, that i'll go ahead and just plead:
please, if you're an American citizen, get informed. be part of the dialogue. get registered. and for heaven's sakes, VOTE.
if you're not, do as T.T. does and get informed. be part of the dialogue. get other people registered. get them to vote.
as exhausting as this year's election cycle will now continue to be, don't opt out.

(yes, i've been an Obama supporter from the beginning, ever since i read Dreams From My Father and later, The Audacity of Hope. but i've continued to solidify my position over the course of the long Democratic primary slog, especially after that speech on race in America that i think should be required listening for all American highschool and college freshman. there, now you know.)

Posted by hadashi at June 3, 2008 12:48 PM


You know I've been a Barack supporter since we heard him speak at Saddleback however it is slightly alarming to me when many of the world's Anti-American leaders support him (like Columbia's and Iran's). These leaders hate the U.S. and have publically declared their desire to see us destroyed. Would I vote for Hilary or McCain, no way. But I don't see anything as a clear win or anyone standing up for what I really believe.

Posted by: Marti Author Profile Page at June 8, 2008 2:54 PM

huh! i'm super curious as to where you heard that "many of the world's anti-American leaders support him." i googled around & couldn't find much of anything...
my response to this, in any case, is that i was under the impression that Colombia is considered friend of America, to the point of Uribe trying to get Chavez (who is rather anti-American) tried in an international criminal court.
as for Iran, i actually really like that Obama is the only candidate who has stated willingness to even talk with anti-American leaders. direct presidential diplomacy will probably go a long way towards diffusing situations in which leaders like Ahmadinejad could or would destroy America or American interests. besides, i'm not sure how Obama's very strong support for Israel and his recent vow to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear warheads would cause Ahmadinejad to support him...
your thoughts?

Posted by: hadashi Author Profile Page at June 8, 2008 4:13 PM

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