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December 31, 2008

new year's litany

it has not been an easy year. certainly there were many good things about it, and much to be grateful for, but especially due to the events of the last month (in which i lost three people who were extremely dear to me only weeks apart from one another), i find myself simply wanting to quietly say goodbye to 2008. and as i just as quietly say hello to 2009, i'm glad that i know that at least i am a stronger person than the one who greeted 2008 a year ago.
what i've realised this year is that it's too easy to recite a litany of all that is lost -- people, dreams, health, hopes -- until i feel lost in the howl of grief, crushed under the weight of my own fear and sadness.
however, it is also easy to recite a litany of all that i've gained -- from the generosity of others, from my own life choices, from the hand of God, and yes, even from the losses.

it is entirely my decision if these litanies become a pleading against fear, or an invocation of gratitude. both are part of my story. both must be acknowledged.

but i'm leaning towards the gratitude side...

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