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August 27, 2007

a trifecta of simple happiness

i would like to share three things that are, right now, making me unabashedly gleeful.


this is my candy-apple-red bike that T.T. gave me for my birthday a few months ago. (he says it was especially hard to find because he knew i would love it more if he found a used one instead of getting a new one. he was right.) it makes me little-kid-giggly-happy. i love being able to ride down the street to get milk at Trader Joe's. i love riding to the farmer's market and buying 5 lbs. of apples and then trying to steer home with the basket loaded down. i love just riding down the street.

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this is the giant package of fresh mugicha that i just got. the first bag just finished brewing and i am currently being refreshed down to my toes by the unmatchable coolness of a tall glass of iced barley tea. yes, barley tea. you do not know summer refreshment until you have had mugicha. it brings me back to being a small person in Okinawa, in the middle of tropical melt-your-brain heat, opening the refrigerator and knowing my mother would always have a Tupperware pitcher of mugi ready to drink down. ahhhhhhhh.
Thumbnail image for iku.JPG

and this ball of furry elegant adorableness is Iku, the neighbourhood alpha kitty. whenever we have a party in the backyard, Iku comes over. whenever i'm feeling really tired or sort of sad, Iku seems to know and pads over to me while i'm flollopping out of my car to say hi. whenever T.T. and i are going out somewhere, Iku comes over and requests a friendly "see you later" in the form of a good head scritch. Iku will even make friends with all the local dogs (only we are very sure that is because the dogs know who's the boss... ) yesterday Iku's owner said offhandedly to me, "you know, he loves you guys." this made me feel like i had won the lottery, and i couldn't wipe the big dumb "he likes me! he really likes me! grin off my face for an hour. i don't care if you think cats are the embodiment of irritation; Iku will show you that he is unconditional love wrapped in tawny fur.

life is good, especially when you're not trying too hard.

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August 16, 2007

cracking the airport codes

i've got a lull now between finishing this last grueling job and taking off to Atlanta for some family frolicking -- T.T. and i will be visiting my parents & sister for two weeks. i can't say i'm excited to get back on a plane -- there was quite a bit of last-minute flying on the job and playing airport roulette (you win: you arrive at your destination vaguely on time. you lose: delays, getting bumped, no food, unbelievable rudeness factor, winding up hundreds of miles away from your destination, etc.) is not exactly fun.
because i am such a nerd -- and was bored with all that roulette-related waiting -- i began to wonder why it was that the airport i was currently stuck in was called ORD, when it clearly is known as Chicago-O'Hare. O'Hare Really Dicey? Only Rotten Delays? for that matter, why is Orange County's John Wayne airport SNA? and since when has X stood for International as in Los Angeles International Airport, LAX?
so i must share with you this brilliantly written article that explains it all: "Airport ABCs: An Explanation of Airport Identifier Codes," originally published in a journal for airline pilots. not only is the mystery of ORD explained (it started as an airstrip called Orchard Field), but it also clears up the stumper of why Washington, D.C.'s Dulles airport uses IAD.
anyway, hopefully i'll have a few more posts in me before heading out to ATL (no guessing needed there).

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