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January 26, 2007

signs point to iTunes

sorry about the lack of any posting lately; my usual excuse is that i'm working on a show with crazy hours that doesn't have the decency to provide lots of downtime for me to fire up a computer on set. darn them and their taskmaster-like ways. i mean, most people blog during their downtime at work, right?
well, i must have a little downtime, because thanks to Marti, i did do the shuffle song meme that's been going around. here's the simple rules: take your music player of choice. set it to shuffle or random. ask each question, and then instead of shaking a Magic 8-Ball, press play. the song title will somehow give you an answer the question. that's the real fun -- trying to figure out an interpretation of some potentially head-scratching results. i won't tag anyone, but feel free to whip out that iPod (let's be honest, it's probably a Pod) and play too!
okay, here goes...

how does the world see you?
I'm On My Way -- The Proclaimers
this is good. i am on my way -- not necessarily "from misery to happiness," as i'm not particularly miserable, but i'd like people to think that "i'm on my way to what i want from this world." good start!

will i have a happy life?
Wonderful -- The Beta Band
since the dominant lyric in this is "she's so wonderful," i suppose that is a harbinger of happiness. especially if the right people, including me, think i'm wonderful. so far, so good.

what do my friends really think of me?
Ciaccona -- Rolf Lislevand (Nuovo Musiche)
ummm. now it gets harder. this piece is from a Norwegian recording of string instrumentals in which all pieces written recently, but played in specific classical styles. this one is an Italian-style chaconne, which is basically a dance-with-variations that was all the rage in seventeenth-century Europe. i like it because it the tune conjures up images of sunny cobblestoned piazzas and sipping a cool drink while watching birds fly overhead. it reminds me of the time i've spent in Brasil and Italy, and makes me want to return to travel. so friends, if you'd really like to think of me as a woman who would feel happy dancing lightly down a street in Italy as the sun goes down, please feel free.

do people secretly lust after me?
Come What May -- Moulin Rouge soundtrack
seeing that this is a song about tenacious, undying, unshakeable love, i wonder how that ties into secret lust, which in my limited experience is pretty darned ephemeral. however, if this means that once upon a time, T.T. harboured a secret lust for me that is now well on its way to becoming the love of a lifetime, heck! i'll take that!

how can i make myself happy?
Desire -- U2
Bono himself said this was a song about blind ambition...but i really can't see that making me happy. however, listening to this band, and especially this song, makes me happy. driving fast down some highway listening to this song blasting with all the windows rolled down and singing along at the top of my lungs makes me really happy.

what should i do with my life?
Spirit -- The Waterboys
this song from the great Irish band is short, so i'll just give you the lyrics: Man gets tired/Spirit don’t. Man surrenders/Spirit won’t. Man crawls/Spirit flies. Spirit lives/When man dies. Man seems/Spirit is. Man dreams/The spirit lives. Man is tethered/Spirit free. What spirit is/Man can be.
i can't forget my dual nature of flesh and spirit; body and soul. what i do with one affects the other.

will i ever have children?
Psalm 35: Plead Thou My Cause, O Lord -- The Choir of York Minster
this was a gift from a friend of mine who lived in York who knew i loved the cathedral there and its choir. the Psalm text is all about the Lord taking delight in the well-being of his servants, of fighting for their cause. so if God is for my blessing (albeit in chant) then i'm in good hands.

what is some good advice for me?
Finally Woken - Jem
the iTunes Magic 8-Ball is really doing well here. this song is about living life to the full, letting go of the handrails, so to speak, and taking chances...having faith to look forwards and have peace about it.

how will i be remembered?
Free Fallin' -- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
when i decided to stay in Los Angeles, this song was part of that soundtrack. i still think of it when i drive through Reseda or west on Ventura Blvd., or over Mulholland. but if i'm going to be remembered by it, i'll go with the association of it with that great scene in the movie Jerry Maguire -- now that was a scene about the freedom of letting go of the handrails.

what do I think my current theme song is?
Watts Local -- Royal Crown Revue
this song has a ton of attitude and swagger. and is fantastically fun to dance to. that's not too bad of a theme, right?

what does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Rock Steady -- Sting
this song is a hilarious retelling of the story of Noah and the Ark -- i've loved it (and the whole album, Nothing Like the Sun) ever since it was released. "Life may be tough but we're sailing with the Lord."

what song will play at my funeral?
Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa (Today My Heart Desires) -- Sukhwinder Singh
bouncy, infectious, shake-your-booty Bollywood music at my funeral? yessssss!

what type of men/women do I like?
I'll Dream of You Again -- Harry Connick, Jr.
oh yes, i like Harry. i've liked him ever since my school days, when i cut out a picture from GQ magazine of him sitting on a piano and hung it in my locker. okay, there's my guilty confession.

what is my day going to be like?
Luminous Times (Hold On To Love) - U2
well, the title says it all. the way this went, i'm already having a luminous day.

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January 13, 2007

today's rockstars: my sister and the Atlanta panda

my fabulous sister, whom i adore, lives in Atlanta, Georgia. she's been sending me links to follow the saga of the birth of Mei Lan, the baby giant panda cub since this cute little furball was born at the Atlanta Zoo. even though her cuteness alone would guarantee her a frenzied following, a highly-publicised poll that was conducted to name her pretty much ensured that the entire city would fall in love with her. (i, for one, am disappointed that the name Bling Bling, due to the city of her birth, was not adopted .)
today was her big media debut, and she did not disappoint. apparently she "romped around while her mother chomped bamboo." Mei Lan is a rockstar; she's expected to draw up to ten thousand more people per day to the zoo than usual. ten thousand! actual rockers would kill to have that kind of boost in ticket sales...maybe poor Kevin Federline could use a baby panda...

but all this is backstory: my sister is the rockstar here, people: because of her, the entire Cute Overload! universe has been introduced to the lovable fuzziness that is Bling Bling, woops! i mean Mei Lan. you may have noticed i have, for a long time, linked to C.O. in my blogroll to the right. yes, i am an unabashed fan of Meg's daily dose of snuggly happy small animals looking heart-wrenchingly adorable combined with her hilarious snarky commentary. (people, the site gets over 6500 hits a day and wins lots of bloggy awards. you know you love it.)
so imagine my stunned excitement when today, i click for my daily hit of cuteness and see the same photos my sister e-mailed me that morning. imagine my shrieks of glorious discovery when i see that the "sender-inner" is none other than my fabulous, amazing sister!

she used to think that her Yahoo!Movies user's review of Apocalypto appearing on the main page was her big moment of pop culture stardom... well, this one will be hard to beat. way to go, E.G.!

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January 4, 2007

happy defiant New Year

we are marking the beginning of 2007 by defiantly leaving up the Christmas tree a little longer. our big excuse is that since T.T.'s parents are coming to town -- escaping the sludgy German winter by fleeing to the faux California winter -- they need to see the festivity of our home with all those lights. okay, we also don't want them to notice our (chosen) lack of furniture right away. and, well, we like the fact that at night the glow makes our living room look like a bioluminescent haven.

in any case, i think that defiance might be a good word with which to kick off '07. i am feeling rather defiant about the whole new year's resolution nonsense again -- if one more person asks me what my resolutions are, i will most likely reply "to be more sincere in my responses to people, and not have a trace of facetiousness clinging to any syllable whatsoever." then i will most likely feel guilty for my cheekiness. so please just don't ask.

i am also feeling pretty defiant about the fact that local businesses are inexplicably being booted from their MTA-owned land way before their leases are up, and the city of my residence is more or less picking their municipal noses instead of actually doing anything they promised. i'm especially irritated by the case of a family-run plant nursery called The Jungle, which is truly a one-of-a-kind local business. the Saez family turned a run-down, ugly corner of the street into my neighbourhood into a beautiful green triangle. they sell an amazing variety of plants at really reasonable prices, and are knowledgeable, friendly business owners. their clientele is everyone from the average home-dweller (me) to professional landscape designers all over L.A (not me, but when i'm working on an HGTV show, i get to meet them).
i'm personally more peeved than usual by this situation since one of the family members is a student in the ESL class i volunteer teach. despite every effort of the Saez family to comply, the city is forcing them to relocate without giving any of the assistance that was once promised. at city council meetings, people have testified on their behalf as to the good the business does for the community, but to no avail. every time i pass The Jungle on the way home now, and see their "Sale - Must Relocate" signs, it makes me feel increasingly defiant.
why should you care, though? you don't live here, and you don't know the Saez family. but i bet you do have a favourite local business, whether that be a coffee shop or perhaps an art supply store. maybe you have a familiar hardware store that's not A Big Chain Home Improvement Warehouse, or a sandwich shop where the guy behind the counter knows that you want the roast-beef-swiss-cheese-horseradish-sauce-no-tomato-on-Italian-roll before you ask. if this is so, would you consider spending about 2 defiant minutes standing up for small local business? there's now an online petition that's just gotten started. it simply asks city council to actually try to keep The Jungle local as it promised. there's a space for comments if you want to make them, but all you have to do is add your name. if you want to know more about the situation, you can read more here, here, and here. thanks in advance -- no matter what, it would be nice for the family to see a growing list of supportive folk.

in any case, HadashiWorld does indeed hope your new year is off to a rip-roaring start. and if you're already starting to slip on those silly resolutions you made in a heady, champagne-induced moment, may i humbly suggest some well-meaning defiance as you refuse to feel guilty and instead decide to just do something you can actually accomplish? i'm all for self-improvement, but i'm also all for eating just one more egg custard tart that i brought home today from dim sum...

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