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September 25, 2006

first anniversary

happy first anniversary to us!
yes, that's right -- it's already been a year since all that whack-a-mole, and we're thinking that time does indeed fly because boy, are we having fun! now that we're experts at coordinating who-gets-the-shower times, living in the same space is a breeze. not to mention quite a relief on our gasoline expenditures. i had to drive down to T.T.'s old neighbourhood last month, and was shocked at how far away it was. amazing how lurve condenses the miles, eh?
in any case, i woke up this morning to find T.T. gone to work, and in his place next to me in the bed, this extravaganza of color:
this bouquet is at least twice as big as my head. i'm impressed. tonight, we'll attempt to eat the wedding cake we accidentally saved. we never intended to; it just got buried for months under a couple bags of frozen Trader Joe's nasi goreng and then it seemed like a good challenge to save it and see if we can survive ingesting this bizarre trandition.

it would be great if i had some deep, romantic, earth-shaking thoughts about the first year of marriage, but i don't. honestly, we're just still wondering when the Newlywed Designation officially runs out, as it's been a good excuse for many things, including acting like respectable grown-ups. something tells me that "real" married couples don't run around Target trying to "shoot" each other with curtain rods.
however, i have lately been reflecting on something: the feeling of seamlessness in the transitions i've made with T.T. he was a stranger to me once upon a time; just another face in the room. then he was someone whose name i knew and looked forward to seeing. i never intended for us to become such good friends, but it happened without me even noticing, and soon he was the guy that you have to tell all your girlfriends, no really! i swear! we're just good friends! seriously!
even the transition from Just Friends to More Than Friends felt natural, as did the progression of our relationship, despite some pretty serious obstacles and circumstantial difficulties. so perhaps it shouldn't surprise me that being married feels so...instinctive. it's not effortless -- that much at least this newlywed knows -- but it is that juxtaposition of independence and belonging that is so comfortable.
T.T. is still a stranger to me; we've known one another for years and yet there's always something new to learn about him. he's still my friend and hilarious companion, with whom i am never bored. and now, with him as my husband, i find a fulfillment in this multi-dimensionality of our relationship.

well, i'm off to buy some ice cream for dessert...i need options. i just KNOW that cake is going to be absolutely revolting.

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September 19, 2006

i have a drinking problem

just in time to coincide with all those new fun TSA restrictions -- my life!
yes, ever since the very first day of Your Lipgloss May Kill The Passengers, Madam (and let's just say that Thursday was only a few clowns short of a full-blown circus), i've flown more than i have for a long time. oh, the irony. i've done a LOT of flying in my time, and over the years, the restrictions have increased, but mostly in a reasonable fashion. you know, i did fine with not being able to meet people at the gate/being met at the gate. i was fine with turning off electronic devices in planes. i was even okay with leaving multitools out of my carry-on -- i mean, people are intimidated by my supersweet Gerber knife/wirecutter/screwdriver/etc. tool even when they aren't squished into little uncomfortable seats suspended at 30,000 feet. and to a certain extent, i'm even okay with packing away my pomegranite martini lip gloss (although i have seen women bawling/screaming/cursing over the loss of their $30 LancĂ´me Juicy Tube). but my water bottle? my hydrative security blanket? people! this is my binky you're denying me!
okay, okay, i hear you. stop the drama, you're saying. but really, i have found myself groping for the now-contraband water bottle and panicking when i can't find it in my bag. i have taken to scoping out all the water fountains in my terminal and practically nursing at them. if i have a connecting flight, i take a cup from the airplane and refill it in my layover terminal a bazillion times. i ask the flight attendants for "4 cups of water, no ice please." usually, by my third request for water they cave in and give me the rest of the bottle.
pathetic? mmm, yes. most likely. i mean, i'm addicted to water. H2O. not even sparkling water, or a specific brand (although Voss, i adore you. Fiji, you're close). just plain ol' water. it's like the children's story, The Search For Delicious, by Natalie Babbit. no one in the kingdom can agree what the definition for "delicious" should be in the official dictionary, so a poll has to be taken. the winner? take a guess.
well, this post was originally going to be about how despite my lack of water, i had a wonderful time in Atlanta this weekend, celebrating my beloved sister's birthday. but now i'm thirsty, and i need to go get a drink.
yes, of water.

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September 9, 2006

we'll miss Pluto and Steve, but probably not the cell phone antics

honestly, since returning from the whirlwind road trip, HadashiWorld has just been overwhelmed lately with the goings-on in the world....or maybe just too lazy to post? um, no. of course not! you have to admit, it's been a very momentous beginning to the month.

first, how is it that we suddenly have eight planets? now my very educated (or excellent) mother just served us... what? there's nothing to serve anymore! without Pluto, she can't serve pizza, or pickles, or whatever food of choice was useful for remembering the name "Pluto." (i chose that web link deliberately for their URL.) it's disturbing to grow up with nine planets and an asteroid belt, and them boom! thanks to a bunch of fickle astronomers, here we are Pluto-free, and down to eight planets. sure, it's just a chunk of ice, but it was our solar system's special chunk of ice! and what's up with this "dwarf planet" consolation name? i bet Pluto isn't fooled... planets know when they're not wanted, i tell you. watch out, because if it's really disgruntled, it'll get one of its asteroid buddies to hurl itself spitefully towards Earth. you wait and see.
hmmm. perhaps i'm so disturbed because besides having to come up with a new planet mnemonic, the essential reason for Pluto's disgraceful demotion is that it was simply, um, too small. now, as a person of smaller stature (dare i say petite?) myself, i know how it feels to be penalised on the basis of size. i couldn't give blood (not heavy enough), had to wait much too long to grow tall enough to ride roller coasters, got my arm broken from being dropped off the top of some human pyramid in P.E. class (smallest kid always had to be the top), and even now, have put up with some adults thinking it's okay to pat my head. grrrr. it makes me wonder what's next for demotion. will those of us who are vertically challenged suddenly be classified as "dwarf humans?"

next, oh crikey! Steve Irwin has gone to the Big River In The Sky due to a freakish accident with a stingray. this was not welcome news -- even if you thought his "look at this beauty!" was cheesy, you have to admit that this champion of Australian wildlife was much-loved and will be much-missed. he used the celebrity he gained from his television shows and stunts with crocodiles for raising environmental awareness. less publicly, he founded several conservation programs and used his personal wealth to buy large tracts of land all over Australia simply to preserve them as wildlife habitats. i suppose it's a small comfort to think that his exit came was while he was doing what he loved most. goodbye, Steve. blessings on your family and friends. we'll miss you.

this entry could go on, but i'll leave you reeling with the knowledge that if you live in California, your little mitts have just been officially banned from touching your cell phone while you are operating a moving vehicle. that is, unless you're a farm worker or a public safety worker, in which case, why are you talking on your phone while driving and threatening everyone's public safety? anyway, this law apparently won't take effect until New Year's Day 2008, so you have some time to find a good handsfree device. of course, i find that trying to stuff my Bluetooth headset in my ear while driving causes impressive swerving motions that probably defeat the purpose of this bill entirely. i guess this means that drivers will no longer need to practice that oh-so-Californian move of talking on the phone whilst drinking a grande-half-caf-low-foam-mochaccino caffeine bomb whilst changing lanes whilst shifting gears in their humonganormous SUV.

(by the way, if you're confused about the reference to my very educated mother, it's one of the most famous mnemonic devices to remember the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. however, my actual mother is indeed quite educated.)

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