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April 27, 2006

update on the Fish of Great Articulation

because HadashiWorld is committed to following up on the random Things I Happen To Find Interesting, i am very excited to report that the humuhumunukunuku'āpua'a, the fish with the fun name to say over and over again, is on its way to regaining its rightful title as the official state fish of Hawaii. yay! a joyful humuhumu chant is definitely in order. ready?
see, wasn't that fun?

oh yeah. Ireland was great. i got back only yesterday, thus only now learning the good fishy news. sorry, HadashiWorld has its own priorities when it comes to what it considers of topical importance.

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April 16, 2006

off to Ireland!

well, it's time for another field trip for HadashiWorld. this time, i'm off to visit Ms. Jen in Dublin, Ireland! huzzah!
since her internet connections have been down for some time (quite the drama), i am sure that it will be rather quiet around here for the next 10 days. however, Ms. Jen has a habit of moblogging her adventures, so maybe you can see what we're up to over there. whatever the adventures may be, they will most certainly be hilarious fun.

happy Easter!

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April 11, 2006

my piano has come home

when i finished college, i scraped up money to buy a computer. instead, in a fit of impracticality, i bought a piano. it was a lovely studio upright that had a gorgeous baby-grand-ish resonance. it went nicely in the corner of the huge living room of the house that i was sharing with three other girls. i loved it.
music was a part of my life since before i was born, and playing the piano rather defined my growing-up years. being on my own for the first time, i wanted to keep this part of myself, even if it meant eating ramen a little longer to afford it.

a few years later, i moved. my new apartment was on the second floor, with a very bizarre entryway that all but prevented the piano from physically fitting through the door. on top of that, the new landlady was adamant that i not have it. i suppose i could have snuck it in by removing the entire front window somehow, but that would have been less than stealthy, to say the least. i also suppose i could have had someone take it apart and reassemble it inside the living room, but that would've been expensive and risky. so the piano went to live with a nice family who couldn't afford a real piano and whose three daughters had previously been practicing on a crappy electric keyboard using a kitchen sponge on the floor as a mock sustain pedal. i was happy it had a good, deserving home.

a few more years went by. i was still living in the same apartment, and now dating T.T. the piano-sitting family was moving, and besides, they could now afford a piano, they said. happily, T.T.'s roommate was a music major and welcomed having a piano in the house. so i sort of got my piano back -- i would just drive over whenever i wanted to play. all was well, until T.T. moved almost 40 miles south to his own apartment. it didn't make sense to move the piano too, so his former roommate cared for it until we got married. two months ago, after being out of my possession for over 5 years, the piano was delivered back to me.

it was almost intimidating, having it in the open living room, the only real piece of furniture there. i would approach it cautiously, as if it might sneer at me or rebuff me for sending it into exile for all those years. no, that's not true, i'd tell myself, it wasn't the piano in exile; it was being played regularly by eager music students, people who really appreciated it. the exile was mine -- for almost the first two decades of my existence, music and piano had filled so much of my life. it had stopped, suddenly, with my move. i'd let music drain slowly out of my fingers, my brain, my heart. i would push the loss away whenever i'd think of it. it was embarrassing, somehow.
but now i had the piano back. i began to play it a little at a time, and only when no one was home. i could tell immediately that the drain had taken its toll. things that were easy were now ridiculously difficult. it was a stretch for me to let go completely into improvisation, without written music. my hands, which used to be able to span over an octave without straining, quickly tired after basic scales.
the piano was out of tune from being moved, and i could only go about 15-20 minutes before the jangling tonality got on my nerves. it was a good excuse to stop playing; i didn't have to face the hard work it was going to take me to reclaim what was once mine. of course i procrastinated finding a tuner.

well, i got over myself this week. i was stacking some mail on the covered keyboard and realised i was treating my piano like a common endtable. it really pissed me off. i decided i was tired of my stupid excuses for not playing, and started calling music schools to get recommendations for a tuner.
the tuner comes tomorrow. when he's finished, hopefully the piano will sound as it did when i first fell in love with it in the showroom. and hopefully i will find a spark of the excitement i once had to make music out of thin air, or to weave black marks on a page into a complex melody. will i go so far as to take lessons? perhaps. i could use some help rehabilitating my creaky skills, and besides, there are styles i'd love to learn, like jazz or honkytonk, that i'd need a teacher for. but first, let's just see if i have the courage to open the cover and start running my fingers over the keys.

i hope i do.

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April 3, 2006

as if Daylight Saving Time wasn't enough

this Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after one in the morning, the time and date will be Very Special Indeed. written out in the American style (mm/dd/yy) it will be:

01:02:03 04/05/06

(sounds of ooohing and aaaahing)
yes, kids, this sequence will never happen again -- well, at least not in our living memory.

thus enlightened, you may now return to your normal lives.
i mean, "normal" lives.

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