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October 30, 2005

already i'm sleeping on the couch...

...but it's not what you think. thank God there is a couch; T.T. has a raging fever and is currently flopping around the bed in semi-sweaty delirium. i've medicated him, done the cool-washcloth-on-forehead thing, given him the requisite chicken soup, but his body just wants to slug it out. i guess this is the "in-sickness-or-in-health" part of the deal.

now that we're back home in sunny California, i've had a little bit of time to download all my photos, go grocery shopping, clean the oven, sort through the bills, and make small choking noises when seeing the amount of e-mail i'm going to need to read & return. of course i will actually want to tackle e-mail as we are soon to be crushed in the avalanche that is the gazillion thank-you notes we will need to start writing. i'm not complaining; if there is one thing this wedding has taught us, it's that we have very generous friends.

and amongst said downloaded photos was this one, taken in the lovely baroque city of W├╝rzburg, birthplace of T.T. it's one of the many turrets of the centuries-old Fortress Marienberg. the ivy you see is thick and strong, and spills over the top of the wall and continues on the other side. it's hard to tell where the wall begins and the ivy ends.
it made me think: this is a metaphor i've needed to get a wee fingerhold on the enormous, puzzling cliff face of Making Sense of What This Marriage Thing Means. out of the murky uncertainty of Now What?, i have a picture emerging of something i can expect and hope for us as we go forward.
as much as we think we love each other now, we're not so naive that we know it's no more than just a seed, a tiny plant beginning at the bottom of the wall that is God and our community. and i'm guessing that if we are careful to nurture that love, take some chances, share our home, and laugh a lot, then perhaps it will grow upwards and outwards, spreading and becoming larger and stronger than we ever imagined, maybe without us even noticing.

any feedback from you taller, bigger ivy plants is welcome...

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October 25, 2005

ein Monat

it means "one month." that's how long i've been married, as of today.

we just arrived back in the U.S. last night, from our trip to Germany. notice i didn't say honeymoon, since we decided that we still need to take one. or more. apparently in a traditional "honeymoon," the couple sees only each other and rests up and stays in bed half the day and drinks festive beverages featuring little umbrellas and uses scented massage oil... well, this was not that trip. we had a wonderful time, but there was too much train-catching and family visiting to really constitute a "honeymoon." besides, this way we have an excuse to book ourselves trips to interesting sunny locales in the future, and tell people "we're on our honeymoon," and enjoy the perks. ha ha, we're crafty!
i'm really happy i chose to take German lessons as my wedding present to T.T. i can't imagine how i would have fared if i hadn't been able to understand a darn thing. one of the reasons we went to Germany in the first place was to have a wedding reception in T.T.'s hometown for his family & friends -- we had almost as many attend as the actual wedding in California. (yes, i wore my wedding dress again.) lots of meeting, greeting, laughing, thanking... i kept thinking, wow, i'm so glad i can actually communicate with these lovely people. hopefully they all had a good laugh later at my atrocious grammar, but hey! it's the effort that counts. i still can't really say too much intelligently; i probably sound like a three-year-old on a sugar high. but i can understand a good percentage of conversations, especially if i can figure out the topic. as one of T.T.'s family friends said, "out of the pieces you can make the big picture, ja?"
and now we're in Atlanta for a few days, visiting with my family since we've told everyone we're related to that we are not going anywhere for Christmas this year. (my heavens, just the thought of going somewhere over the holidays makes my little head spin around in dizzying counterclockwise ellipses.) soon we'll be back home, in the "new" house in L.A., trying to figure out what this whole Life Together thing entails on a mundane, day-to-day level. already i know that Jockeying For Bathroom Usage will be included.

has it really been just one month? i have to say that being considered freshly minted newlyweds is rather fun. people make little ooohing noises and wink and say congratulations and sometimes even offer sage advice, like "just have fun with it." well, we are. i'm sure in the coming days i'll have nice navel-gazing-worthy Deep Thoughts on the whole idea of joining your life to that of your best friend and attaching the word "forever" to it, but until then i'm just going to be amused and bemused by being a Mrs. Hadashi. it's Good. my happy toes stay nice & toasty warm at night.

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October 5, 2005

the moles are quiet...

...well, at least for now. the wedding has happened, and it was absolutely-one-hundred-and-nineteen-gabillion-percent worth every stressed-out whackwhackwhack. no one warned me i'd have so much fun at my own wedding! i tell you, to be surrounded by that much love, joy, and general all-around festivity was amazing. many of you advised us to enjoy every moment, and we still are, as the memories get rehashed and the photos are beginning to roll in (yes, i'll post one or two). hopefully as i have time and brainspace to process and unwind, i'll have more scintillating things to say about all of this, but right now i've got suitcases lying around the still-furniture-less living room and T.T., who i'm still getting used to calling The Husband, is giving our friend who's housesitting the lowdown on how to open the garage door without going downstairs first. we're flying out to Germany, the land that gave us T.T., tomorrow morning for our 3-week honeymoon. that can also be read "3-week hiatus from blog unless HadashiWorld can get to an internet cafe."

so until then, i'm off to the land of yummy pastries, frighteningly punctual trains, and Oktoberfest. (yes, we're going, but not to that touristy one...)

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