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May 27, 2005

where i've been

create your own visited country map

according to this map (and my memory) i've apparently visited 31 countries. this is only 13% of possible destinations! clearly, i have a lot more global adventuring to do.

it's true -- despite my reputation as a "traveller," when i look at this map i see not the red (visited), but the grey (unvisited) parts. it makes me think: there's so much more to see!

but i also think: even though there are whole sections of the world my little hadashis have not yet touched, at least i've vicariously experienced them through others close to me who either now live or have lived there. if i could turn those countries, say, purple, there'd be a lot more color on this map. i could claim the Middle East, most of Europe, much more of Africa and Southeast Asia, and even some former Soviet republics (the "-stans"). it makes me remember that no matter how many places i've been to, it is the personal relationships and interactions that truly show me how rich and textured my life is.

but i still can't wait to fill in more spaces with red.

thanks to Jamie's blog for this link.

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May 21, 2005

lately i've been amused by...

...the entrepreneurial guy selling "Sith Happens" t-shirts to the huge line of Star Wars aficionados (with their lightsabres and Princess Leia hairdos) lined up for a solid New York city block waiting for the midnight showing of Episode III.

...the couple that passed me as i was coming up out of the subway during a sudden thunderstorm. he was shirtless, since she had his top draped for modesty over her soaked white blouse. while others were scurrying hither and yon to get under any available overhang, they were tromping down the street singing "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" as loud as possible.

...the splendid satirical newspaper, The Onion, which is available for free -- on the street, in the fine coffeeshops i have been frequenting, etc. Los Angeles needs to get a clue and start installing more Onion distribution stands on the street so there's an alternative to LA Weekly.

...my first ever correct bona-fide celebrity-in-the-wild identification. usually i am celebrity-blind; when i work red-carpet movie premieres and the director tells me to "keep an eye out for so-and-so," i just laugh. i'll never recognise them. people who tell me they saw "that guy from that WB show" at the gym amaze me. my most famous example is when i had a 10-minute conversation with a very nice but very short salt-and-pepper haired man, regarding Asian politics. after he walked off, my camera operator wanted to know since when was i so friendly with Richard Gere? so you will understand that my correct identification of the middle-aged man who was standing with his wife behind us in the line for the amazing sushi restaurant, then was later seated by us, was nothing short of a total accomplishment for me. i never though i'd enjoy some of the best hamachi i've ever had with Mike Myers. shocker.

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May 13, 2005


a nice surprise on my day off: my membership in L.A. at LACMA has reciprocity with the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC. so after a delicious lunch with my Aunt Ginger, i decided to wander around the special exhibitions a bit. the Diane Arbus retrospective was at LACMA last year, so i walked through it again here to just to see it in a different exhibit space. Arbus' best known photographs are her portraits, in which ordinary people become slightly freakish, and freakish people (midgets, asylum patients, etc.) become quite ordinary.

when i walked out of that exhibit, i was already much more aware of my fellow Met visitors, since the photos had me looking for that ordinary/freakish intersection. but perhaps since i am, after all, an audio mixer by trade, my noticing was less visual than it was aural. thus i was much more interested in the bits of conversation i overheard than the next exhibit itself, which were Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld's designs through the years from the House of Chanel. and so i offer you the following:

(two angular high-heeled women with designer handbags):
"oh look! *gasp* this dress! *gasp* the silk organza and Chinoserie together! it's positively *gaspgaspgasp* ICONIC!"
-about 30 seconds later, in front of the same dress-
(two earnest, jeans-clad guys):
"dude, i don't know anything about this Chanel stuff except it's all so freakin' expensive."

hmmm. all i know is that, to paraphrase an American travel writer i once heard, having an open mind is much more important than having a couture handbag.

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May 5, 2005

i heart food

i've just arrived in New York City on a job for the next seven weeks, and i'm in food adventure heaven. i've already eaten sushi around the corner here in Chelsea; Shanghai soup dumplings and black sesame ice cream in Chinatown; and my favorite Peruvian dish, lomo saltado, in the East Village. so it's also a really, really good thing i have to walk everywhere...

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