Gluten-Free Seitan - Say What?!!


Today I was looking through the recipes in the last issue of Gourmet Magazine (*shakes fist at Conde Nast*), when I read the recipe on Vegetarian Shepherds Pie which called for seitan as one of the main ingredients.

Seitan is an Asian protein-rich, meat-free food stuff made of wheat gluten that is very popular for creating meat substitutes for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

If you are gluten-free for health reasons, such as gluten-intolerance or celiacs disease, or for diet reasons, also very valid, then navigating the world of vegetarian and vegan cookery can be very tricky as it can be very gluten-full.

After reading the recipe in Gourmet tonight, I decided to Google "gluten-free seitan" to see if there are any good gluten-free, meat-free seitan substitutes. And there are. Not packaged to be bought at your local health food store, but here are a couple of sets of recipes for gluten-free seitan to be used in various veggie recipes:

If you have made gluten-free seitan, please comment and let us know what you thought of it.


I recently started a Gluten-Free diet which I am loving! I feel like I have more energy and never get that nasty full feeling from eating! Plus I am saving money from not purchasing bagels every morning at the shop down the street like I use to. Now I can buy my wife flowers from Glendale flowers for V-Day!


Having gluten free food is beneficial for your health and moreover your kids are getting away from the celiac disease by having this food


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