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A lesser goldfinch in a tree at the Cactus Garden at the Huntington

Sun 12.15.13 - I went up to the Huntington Library and Gardens early today for a much needed respite and photo wander around the gardens. Upon hearing the distinctive goldfinch song, I looked up into a nearby tree and saw a pair of Lesser Goldfinches rubbing their beaks on the branches. They were lovely.

I am glad that the goldfinches are back for the winter.

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and the Nikon 50mm 1.4G lens.

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Great Egret taking off in flight at Bolsa Chica Wetlands
Photo taken at Bolsa Chica Wetlands by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800.

Thurs 05.02.13 - While all the other photographers out and about late this afternoon at Bolsa Chica Wetlands had DSLRs with Big Big Big prime lenses mounted (400mm+), I cheekily went to photowalk around the wetlands with my Nikon D800 with the Nikon 50mm 1.4G lens. The high resolution of the D800 plus the sharpness of the 50mm allows me to crop the photo and still get a good clear picture of the egret and the sunlight through it's wings.

I am sure if I stopped traveling and started buying 400mm+ prime lenses, that I would have a clear photo of the mites on the egret's wings, but I do have my priorities. ;o)

This great (white) egret was in the most lovely direct sunlight / backlit pond and then it took off in flight, off it went, but not before I took a few photos.

Magnolia and friends, just before roasting marshmallows Magnolia & my Mom, Sue, in their masks A view from the dance floor A little birdhouse Watching the present opening Ryan and DaveTammy and Magnolia
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

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Major Milestone: Magnolia's 1st baby tooth fell out today, with lots of wiggling of said tooth.

Fri 10.22.10 - Major Milestone: Magnolia's 1st baby tooth fell out today, with lots of wiggling of said tooth. The best part is that Magnolia is one week shy of her 5th birthday. I call overachiever status for loosing her first tooth at 4.98 years old. ;o)

Photo taken with Ms. Jen's Nokia N8.

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BLKPHBE, Black What?
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sat 11.07.09 - To all of you who know me in person, know that my car's license plate is BLKPHBE and that my Prius' name is 'Black Phoebe'. Not named after this website, but named after the bird that this website is named after.

For those of you who don't know me in person, or who don't know about my lifelong passion for native song birds, here are some reference pages on my all time favorite SoCal bird, the black phoebe:



Why does this come up today? Because recently I had the third comment where someone who doesn't know me or a neighbor who I only know in passing has said, "Black Phobe? What are you racist?"

The first time someone asked this I was so surprised. Each of the three times it has happened I have said, "No, it is black phoebe, it is a local bird." I then go on to describe a black phoebe and its habits, some of which are very unique to flycatchers. The first two inquirers knew exactly what bird it was and were a more than a bit baffled that I would name my car after a bird. The third one, a retired neighbor, asked a couple of days ago and kept asking me to describe the bird, as it was obvious he didn't believe me.

I find this baffling. Why would I have a license plate named 'black phobe'?

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April 18, 2009 - Magnolia and Tammy Callis
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N95.

Sat 04.18.09 - Ever since Tammy saw Mary Tsao's fabulous photo of her pregnancy that I favorited on Flickr, Tammy asked if we could do a photo shoot with her and Magnolia (aka Bird) before the new baby arrives. Given that Tammy is now in the last 2-3 weeks of her pregnancy, I have asked her every couple of days the last two weeks if she would like to do the photo shoot today?

It has never been the right time, until late this afternoon when Tammy and Bird showed up at my door all dressed up to go to a play. It was not quite yet the 'golden hour' but in the shade between the apartment buildings the color and lighting was just right for my Nikon FM3a. We took half a roll of Agfa slide film at that Jason Schupp had given me last year with Bird performing admirably and taking good photo art direction.

When I pulled out my Nokia N95 to get a few digital stills, Bird started to act up. Whether it was being so good for the previous 10 minutes or whether it was the appearance of my tried and tested Nokia camera phone, but Bird started to goof off. The above photo was the best of the photos from my Nokia, the best in a good cheeky way. Go Bird Go!

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Tues 08.19.08 - This morning, rather than going to take boxes to my storage room, Mom and I took Scruffy to Dog Beach. Scruffy, at the end of our walk, found a seagull feather to bring along.

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David, Who Just Moved the Neighborhood

Tues 07.15.08 - Scruffy, Belle, and I met David and his human while walking today. Scruffy and Belle barked at David, David screached back at them. I am not an interspecies translator, so I don't know what they were talking about... ;o)

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Pelicans Gliding Overhead

Thur 05.29.08 - As seen at Dog Beach in Huntington this afternoon. Gorgeous.

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Wed 10.31.07 - Bird as a Lamb and her two pumpkins.

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